Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Tuesday 22 July 2008

I cannot believe that the ghastly Zezi Ifore (known fondly to us all as The Gormless Shoe Tree) has still not been sacked, despite not turning up for the show on the Sunday before last after a drunken night out at a top night club.
Apparently she was called in for a chat with the producers, but is unaccountably still on the show, despite not being able to string a sentence together even with the help of a big needle and a long piece of string.
Tellingly, all the other BB presenters present a written blog on the C4 website. Zezi has only a minimal video blog which no doubt conceals her failings in the spelling and grammar department.
I have now submitted a Freedom of Information request to Channel 4 to find out why she was appointed in the first place. the questions I have asked are as below:-

I would like to know:-

1. Does Zezi Ifore have any relatives working for Endemol or Channel 4

2. How many other applicants were considered for the post as co-host of Big Brother's Little Brother?

3. Whether the other applicants had broadcasting/presenting experience.

4. The name of the person who decided to give Zezi Ifore the job.

5. What are the key skills listed in the Job Description for co-host of BBLB.

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