Friday, 15 May 2009

Friday 17 April 2009

Lately I spent some time in Wales, at first in my mother’s back bedroom, sharing the space with a collection of porcelain dolls. They have very judgmental faces, and I suspect they were gazing at me with an accusatory tone during the night.
My brother turned up and ranted in a rather too right-wing way for my liking. I tend to tune out of these family lectures. There was something about sending Polish people back, shooting cats and ‘locking ‘em all up’ but after a while it all kind of blends into one long blah blah blah.
Later in the week I went to stay with my friend Val, her new boyfriend Geraint (who, innocent of my phobia of all things sporty, thought I might enjoy an afternoon watching the football.) and her daughter Holly.
Holly was making a Tudor House, so I volunteered to help. I cut the fronts of two wine boxes, we stuck one on top of the other to make a kind of open-plan two storey building, and I converted one of the cut out handholds in the end of the box into a nice tudor window with sellotape glass.
Then I made Holly design some Tudor wallpaper to decorate the upper floor.
At some point My Little Pony got involved, so she had to build a Tudor stable extension at the side of the house.
It was a very pleasant weekend. We went out for a Chinese meal in a very nice restaurant which I seem to remember being a chip shop back in the day where one could get chips with curry sauce.
We were reminded that we were in Wrexham by a very loud man on his mobile who shouted ‘Aye mate. I’ll see you later. I’m in the Chinky at the moment.’

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