Friday, 19 February 2010

Monday 15 February 2010

Acrophobia (n) a morbid fear of circus performers

The Ugly One rang me in a panic at work, as Robert’s boss had rung our home, Robert having put us down as his emergency contact. It seemed that he had not turned up for work this morning, and was not answering his phone. Just to be sure I rang it myself, but it just rang for about a minute and then disconnected.
‘I’ll have to go round and check on him!’ the UO said, and promised that he would ring me when he found out what was happening.
My colleague, Mr WCS Harbinger (WCS being ‘Worst Case Scenario’) immediately began concocting visions of Robert lying dead at home being systematically consumed by his dog who would have no other source of nourishment.
As it turned out, R had been ill during the night, had slept through the morning and consequently had not rung in.
‘How is he?’ asked Mr WCS Harbinger.
‘Alive, but slightly chewed,’ I replied.

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