Thursday, 20 May 2010

Monday 10 May 2010

again I’m obsessed
this time it’s with a Nikon
D three hundred S

People may well wonder what I have been doing for the past month, as well they might. I am a little curious myself as the weeks seem to have whisked by.
Actually our government underground secret bunker was on overdrive due to the forthcoming elections. I don’t know why we bothered. They still haven’t sorted it out.
Half of Sheffield didn’t get to vote, and some of Hackney, and various other parts of the country, although really, if you do want to vote, I wouldn’t leave it until 9.30pm.
There was no queue at our Polling Station. I voted for my MP and then my Councillors. There were no crazy parties this time standing for local election. Usually you have a plethora of minority groups with long names and strange convictions. The longer the name, in my experience, the stranger the convictions.

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