Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Friday 22 June 2007

a chastity ring.
i think the school has banned it
because it’s tacky.

Religious groups, it seems, have rights above and beyond the rest of us. Today a young lady, despite the fact that she is about to leave the educational establishment concerned, is nevertheless taking the school to court because they wouldn’t allow her to wear her chastity ring.
She claims it is a symbol of her faith, which is errant nonsense, as it’s an American invention – a tacky one at that – in which teenagers wear a ring and pledge not to have sex until, well, until they take the ring off, I suppose.
I would like the court to examine what difference it has made to the young lady’s life having been deprived of wearing the ring during school hours? Was she driven so mad with lust that she defiled the janitor in some dark cupboard, thick with the scent of Dettol?
No, I didn’t think so.
This is just a bit of cheap christian propaganda invented out of nothing just to make a point. I’m a bit unclear as to what point is being made, however.
A girl is claiming her human rights are being violated by not being allowed to wear a ring which is not a traditional symbol of her faith, but a bit of nonsense invented in America for purely commercial reasons.
The school has a prohibition against the wearing of jewellery.The girl presumably wishes to wear the ring in order for all her schoolmates to see it. In this day and age one’s virginity is not something one can be proud of without having it displayed like a fashion accessory. It sounds suspiciously like Vanity, and although it is a long time since I last consulted a Bible I’m reasonably sure that that is a sin.

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