Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Monday 18 June 2007

‘accepted’ it said,
like e-mail benediction.
published, I’ll be saved.

Once in a while, as I have said before, it’s nice to get those letters or e-mails which say ‘we like your work and would like to publish (for instance) ‘The Famous Moths of London’’, but they seldom say what it is they like about ‘The Famous Moths of London’.
The reason I would like to know is that it always comes as something of a surprise when people actually like something I’ve written. I like it myself. I enjoy reading what I have written, but I am the first to admit that I have very strange taste in all things. My passion for Wayne Rooney, for instance, is widely mocked by straight and gay people alike.
This time the good news was from a magazine called ‘Aesthetica’ which is available from Borders and WH Smith (or so they say). I suspect it will only be those large branches, rather than the small ones in Tube Stations that only sell ‘Heat’, ‘TV Quick’ and Wordsearch magazines.
It’s been an odd weekend. On a whim I decided to cook Curry Goat, never having done it before, and so dug out a dusty Jamaican recipe book and set to work.
On Saturday I had a thoroughly enjoyable time grinding spices to make up some Jamaican curry powder. I am glad that I decided to reduce the original amounts quoted by two thirds, as otherwise I’d have ended up with enough curry powder to last me a decade.
On Sunday I went out and bought some goat from a butchers in Shepherds Bush, but when I got home I foolishly fell asleep and didn’t wake up till six.
The curry was finally ready at about 9.45 pm, and bloody good it was too.
The goat is an underrated beast.

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