Monday, 16 March 2009

Friday 13 March 2009

I had a blessed day off from work today, working on my latest painting, which is entitled ‘Brad Pitt Helped Jail My Evil Dad’. It is a surrealist work featuring the Fish of Deception, and executed in oils on a large square canvas.
Last week I went out and bought a new webcam, since anybody who is anybody with a web presence needs to be seen to be real. Since then I have been besieged by people asking if they can view my cam. I am not sure what they expect to see, although in many cases it would seem to be my naked body. I usually decline such requests and disappoint people, since they will be inevitably disappointed anyway.
This evening I cooked a superlative Chicken in Black Bean sauce, a dish which was so good I would have had sex with myself in the hope of another bowlful.

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