Thursday, 23 July 2009

Thursday 23 July 2009

I’ve not had a chance to comment on this year’s Big Brother, which has been interesting and not, until this week, populated by anyone obnoxious enough to make me pick up the phone and vote. There’s always one though, eventually. This year it is Kenneth, a ‘self-employed international playboy’ he is the boyfriend of the unintelligible Karly who left last week.
‘I could have any woman in the world,’ Kenneth blubbed last night in the Diary Room, ‘but there’s only one that’s got to me.’
Let’s be frank. Kenneth is a multi-millionaire, and not the most attractive man in the cosmos. He patently could not have any woman in the world, unless they were willing to prostitute themselves for a couple of dinners and a dress (as Kenneth so tactfully spelled it out to his new friends the other night).
I’m reminded of a line Mrs Merton used on her TV show when interviewing Debbie McGee, the wife of gnome-like magician Paul Daniels, and it’s a question I would dearly have loved Davina to have asked Karly when she came out of the BB house:-
‘So, Karly, what first attracted you to the obnoxious, sexist, multi-millionaire, Kenneth?’
However, it seems I will be denied the pleasure of seeing the little toad evicted as last night he climbed over the wall and buggered off to the oblivion he deserves.

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