Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Wednesday 22 July 2009

It is precisely two months since I updated anyone on my existence. To be honest, I’ve been a bit poorly sick and even had to go into hospital for a few days. Typically of me, I have some odd (but thankfully not life-threatening) condition which no one seems to be able to diagnose.
So, after the initial visit to my GP, a hospital consultation and a couple of weeks of antibiotics, I was sent back to the hospital where they decided to keep me in.
Being full of so many drugs I then decided that now might be a good time to give up smoking. So, I gave all my cigarettes to a nice Indian man in the next ward whom I had been keeping company while he sneaked out to the roof garden for a crafty fag.
Consequently, the hospital signed me off work for another two weeks which, in other circumstances, would have been bliss but this time was not very enjoyable as I have been doped up the eyes on yet another course of antibiotics, and have spent my time reading and watching the Polish builders across the street strip down to their underpants every afternoon on the public highway to get changed to go home. This has, I must admit, aided my recuperation greatly.
I also managed to get some painting done, and got oddly addicted to ‘In The Night Garden’, a BBC children’s programme set in a surreal garden world where the relative sizes of characters and objects changes arbitrarily, and which is narrated by the wonderful Derek Jacobi. Towards the end of every episode he says ‘Isn’t that a pip!’ with some thespian relish. Now and again the characters will go off to have a ride on the Ninky Nonk, which is some kind of a giant teapot pulling a Tardis behind it. The best way to watch it, I suspect, is to take some drugs, turn the sound down and put some Pink Floyd on.

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