Friday, 23 January 2009

Monday 19 January 2009

a freezing park bench
chatting to clem about sex
and the world. warm words.

I was sick today, so I rang in and told the PTB that I would be in tomorrow. I still had to go out shopping though. I had a yen for Chicken Laksa.
And indeed, Chicken Laksa I did have, which is as good a cure for the blues as plain old chicken soup, except that this has the added delight of coconut and chillies.
‘Celebrity Big Brother’ hasn’t really grabbed me this year. I find most of the housemates quite dull, apart from Ulrika Johnson, the wonderful Tina and Terry Christian. Coolio is just tedious, Verne is a nice person, but he’s famous because he’s 2’ 8”. LaToyah Jackson obviously believes she is Minnie Mouse. Tommy Sheringham is cute enough, but I expected more from a committed socialist. The rest of them I have already put from my mind. They are forgotten.

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