Thursday, 8 January 2009

Saturday 3 January 2009

‘i will publish these’
says a kindly editor
‘but not the others’

I received one of my usual stamped addressed envelopes today, which I regularly send out with my writing submissions to various magazines, and which, more often than not, come winging back with a rejection slip on which, more rarely, is a handwritten note saying ‘sorry’ or, even more rarely, some encouraging words and helpful feedback.
I got myself a strong cup of coffee and sat down, expecting another slip to add to my collection. However, there was a note telling me that the editor would like to print three, yes three, of the pieces I had sent him.
I poured the coffee away and opened a bottle of wine. Unfortunately it was a bottle a friend had given us and tasted rather like what I imagine a Spice Girls album would taste if the sound were able to be liquidised and decanted into a glass.
Nonetheless it was alcoholic and I persevered, toasting myself on my minor literary success.

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