Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Friday 4 May 2007

one chicken balti
one plate of pilau rice and
a big fat nan bread

On the way home today, when coming out of Hammersmith Tube Station I saw the man who played Count Scarlioni, Last of the Jaggaroth, in the Classic Doctor Who story ‘City of Death’. I was very tempted to shout ‘You are Count Scarlioni, Last of The Jaggaroth, and I claim my five pounds!’ which is a joke, I am sure, that only old people will get.
Count Scarlioni might have got it, as he’s getting on a bit now.
This was no doubt some sort of celebrity omen. I know not what it may bode.
‘Spiderman III’ was the first thing on our menu this evening. The first thing on our menu might have been the cute bald decorator who was drinking in Wetherspoons, but he escaped before we could trap him in our Spidey web.
At two and a half hours, Spidey 3 is hefty bit of cinema, but enjoyable nonetheless. In retrospect, they could have done without the Sandman, who added little to the story. Venom alone was a strong enough plotline to carry the film through, as it looks like Sandman might well have been an afterthought that was stitched in.
It was well done as always, but I can’t help wondering how long Peter Parker can get away with that wide-eyed dumb smile look. It’s wearing a little thin.
Later, we called into the Royal Tandoori, which has a scenic view of Shepherds Bush roundabout, and feasted on Eastern nosh.

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