Friday, 14 March 2008

Friday 14 March 2008

a thin man looked up
from where he cradled thin air
like an empty child

I am glad to say that ‘Days of Our Lives’ has returned to British television, after having been so rudely dumped by Channel 5 just as Princess Greta von Omberg was the victim of an assassination attempt at her own coronation.
Unfortunately, the British ‘DOOL’ is seven years behind the episodes currently showing in America, so I was understandably confused when I recently visited America and discovered that both Belle Black and Shawn Brady had sprouted new heads. Unaccountably, Philip Kiriakis, who last time I tuned in whilst in the States had grown a whole new hunky body, head and marine haircut, has now morphed back to the same wet-lettuce body (albeit seven years older).
What are they thinking of?
For those of you were keeping up before, Hope Brady has a chip in her brain, implanted by Rolf, the evil German henchman of Stefano Dimera, which makes her think she is Princess Gina von Omberg, monarch of a small European province whose name escapes everyone, but is probably something that sounds like Moldovia.
Hope is now Hope again, but evil Rolf is planning to awaken the implanted chip again in order that she will be so confused that she will cease to investigate whether her baby was swapped at birth with the baby of a transient prostitute who was adopted by Stefano Dimera’s daughter.
Meanwhile John Black’s Golden Globe winning eyebrows are, I am glad to say, as mobile and expressive as ever.
I hope that when he eventually dies they will be surgically detached and placed on show in some prestigious soap museum.

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