Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Wednesday 26 March 2008

i'm learning shorthand
again. it takes a long time
to learn to write quick.

Coronation Street has been somewhat lacklustre lately, but has been enlivened somewhat by young David Platt pushing his mother down the stairs. Sadly Gail suffered nothing more lasting than memory loss, but I imagine she’s used to this sort of thing by now, having had one husband murdered, another turning out to be a serial killer who drove the entire family into the canal, and now a son who appears to have sold his soul to the devil and who is continually forgiven and excused by his mother and grandmother.
Another strange storyline is that of the Connors (who all have hair so raven black that it sucks light out of adjacent rooms, even the sister-in-law, who isn’t related by blood at all), particularly Michelle – the one from Hearsay – who has lost her mind over the son who was swapped at birth in the hospital and has now returned, having grown up to be an irritating twat.
Everyone sees that side of him except his mother. I see a disturbing pattern forming here.
Other than that, the weather is depressing me. It is morbidly grey outside, rather like Audrey Roberts’ hair.

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