Friday, 28 March 2008

Friday 28 March 2008

the unbought present
and card glare at me somehow
from inside the shop

The A-Z of Rationalism

G is for God (n.) The generic name for a mythical being believed by some to have created the Heavens, the Earth and, well… us. These claims don’t bear very close scrutiny in the light of recent scientific theories regarding the age and beginnings of the universe, and numerous treatises on evolution. Irrational belief persists however, mainly due to the indoctrination of children at a very young age, forcing them to believe something that – any rational person has to admit – may or may not be true. As children grow, they learn that Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy are mythical figures, but God (society insists) is real. This is a practice which, like child abuse, compels the then grown adult(s) to mirror this practice with their own children. Sadly, this is a cycle which shows no signs of being broken.

On the Tube the other day I sat opposite a father and daughter who were engaged in a heated debate over which Mummy was the better, Boris Karloff or Arnold Vosloo (who starred in the 1999 remake with Brandon Fraser).
‘But the new ‘Mummy’ has such fabulous graphics!’ said the daughter.
‘Boris Karloff didn’t need graphics,’ countered the Father. ‘He used acting.’
‘But didn’t you think the relationship between Brandon Fraser and Rachel Weisz was wonderful?’
‘What? ‘George of The Jungle’?’ said Dad, with a dismissive sneer.
I imagine it’s a generational thing. I’m getting to an age where I feel frustrated by the inability of young people to see what quality is. Maybe it was always thus, but I have a sneaking suspicion that things are getting worse. I have friend who refuses to watch black and white films because ‘they’re boring’ and I suspect she’s not an isolated case.
The question remains, however, who is the best Mummy? Is it Boris Karloff or Arnold Vosloo? there’s only one way to find out….


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