Thursday, 27 March 2008

Thursday 27 March 2008

rejections arrive
like unwanted relatives
with depressing news

Last night saw the return of ‘The Apprentice’, the show in which Sid James look-a-like, Sir Alan Sugar, searches for an apprentice to work in his multi-million dollar business empire.
Already there is at least one candidate who is causing me annoyance. This is Raef Bjayou, a man whose hair is as strangely arranged as the letters in his name. According to his CV he has ‘faced death many times’. With hair like that I imagine just walking down the street would be taking his life in his hands.
Thankfully, Sir Alan sacked the other general annoyance, Nicholas de Lacy-Brown, not for the fact of his ridiculous name, which would have been suitable grounds, but because he priced fresh lobsters at £5.00 each. I suspect Nicholas is so encumbered with degrees and O levels he has never been shopping in his life, certainly not for fish anyway.

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