Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Friday 14 November 2008

My mother was suitably pleased with the card, I am glad to say.
Everyone seems rather too excited about the fact that it’s Prince Charles’ birthday today. No doubt some of our more cerebrally-challenged citizens will have sent him cards, flowers and/or gifts. I am curious as to whether these are the same people who send cards and gifts to soap characters, or write to Sherlock Holmes, hoping that he’ll help them with some mystery or other. I suspect so. Devout Royalists, much like devout religious people, do not have a strong grasp on reality, and rely on some fictional idea of a model family as the head of our society.
I rang my mother to wish her a happy birthday. She met Prince Charles not so long ago when he visited her home town. She was on her way home from the shops and pushed through the crowd (as members of my family are wont to do) to find out what was going on.
‘Have you been shopping?’ asked Prince Charles, appearing in front of her like some ghastly apparition.
‘Yes,’ she said. ‘to Marks and Spencers.’
Apparently, this was the entire gist of the conversation which, upon examination, seems somewhat surreal.
Reality, when one examines it in detail, is a very strange fish indeed.

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