Friday, 28 November 2008

Monday 24 November 2008

I should have known that a relaxing weekend can only lead to complications. I had two missed calls on my phone from yesterday from an unknown mobile number, and so texted to ask who this may be.
As it turned out it was a man called Steve. I have a friend in Syria who, it appears, had asked Steve – who had been in Syria to visit his fiancee – to deliver some gifts to me.
So, I arranged that I would meet Steve tomorrow in Perivale.
Less complicated was the fact that some books arrived for me, and an engineer I work with, who had helped Anthony Gormley (he did the Angel of The North you know) during his recent installation of life size human figures in and around the Thames, gave me a signed copy of Gormley’s book.
I tottered home with a bag full of books and some fish and chips from Marks & Spencer.

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