Saturday, 29 August 2009

Friday 28 August 2009

My day at work was fraught! Fraught, I say!
Actually it wasn’t too bad, apart from the random referrals from the Call Centre. You’d think that secret government departments wouldn’t have Call Centres, but we do, just like everyone else.
I’m still coming to terms with my macro lens.
It is somewhat ironic that, having been plagued with moths since at least March, now that I need some to photograph there’s not a one to be found.
Marcus, the wolverine-lite Big Brother contestant was evicted from the House this evening.
Siavash, the Iranian Jesus, seems to have adopted a Messianic quest strategy and is trying to persuade everyone else to donate the prize money to charity.
Last week, Big Brother announced that the prize fund had been reduced to zero, but that housemates would have the chance to restore the balance. The original announcement was greeted with nervous smiles and laughter by most of the housemates, apart from Camp David, who looked horrified at the prospect of having no capital to start his Yorkshire Pudding factory.
Siavash has won back ten thousand pounds, but wants it to go to charity. The other housemates are hesitant to enter into a debate about it, presumably seeing themselves as either committing to giving the money to charity or else appearing greedy.
Nice move, Siavash.

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