Saturday, 8 August 2009

Wednesday 5 August 2009

As an anniversary gift, it being twenty years since the Ugly One and I first made the beast with two backs, I bought a le Creuset Tagine. To be honest, I think they had mispriced it in the shop as the large one was thirty pounds cheaper than the smaller one so I hoiked it out of there faster than a Jackson going to a will reading.
This evening we foregathered at Indian Zing, one of Hammersmith’s best kept secrets. It’s a high class Indian Restaurant huddled away down the end of King Street, opposite a sinister looking Methodist Church. They were having a biryani festival and they have Kama Sutra illustrations in the toilets. (That is Indian Zing, not the sinister looking Methodist Church) Hoorah! , so I went for a fish one, and the UO had the liver and kidney. I’ve not come across liver and kidneys in Indian restaurants before. I didn’t really want to on this occasion, but the UO was keen, and was, from the rate he guzzled it down, very impressed with the outcome.

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