Thursday, 3 September 2009

Monday 31 August 2009

I did not leave the house today. I spent the time sorting out some of my writing and organising my old documents, after which I made a Thai curry which, although very nice, had far too much lime juice in it for my liking.
The Celebrity Omen portended by Right Said Fred was undoubtedly one of disaster.
Hallmark are having a disaster weekend and we watched a movie featuring Mr Bennett from ‘Heroes’ who had to save the world when a fragment of comet hit the US and (we’re not quite sure how) initiated a process of pole reversal. While the North and South poles were swapping places mini-poles were popping up all over the place and producing EMPs which (again, we’re not sure how) electrocuted people who had electrical equipment switched on.
As a mindless bit of drivel it passed the time and did exactly what it said on the tin, with the added bonus that we never have to watch it again. Unfortunately, this cannot be said of the new ‘Go Compare’ adverts which feature a comic operatic tenor in a coffee shop singing ‘Go Compare! Go Compare!’ to the tune of the wartime hit ‘Over There!’
The result is a disaster of Poseidon-esque proportions.
I can understand that Go Compare would be keen to find an advertising campaign to rival the popularity of ‘Compare The Meerkat’ but sadly, this is not it. I am baffled that a successful company, presumably in collaboration with an equally successful advertising company, could have come up with this, arguably the most annoying and irritating advert since… I can’t think of anything worse at present.
When we got to bed the Ugly One found a black ladybird on the wall above his bed and had put it out of the window before I had the thought of getting my macro camera and taking a picture.
Damn you, Right Said Fred singer, omen of disaster.

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