Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sunday 13 September 2009

Glamour (n.) see GLIMMER

I took a trip to Southall with the camera to try and capture some of the wildlife. I had intended to meet up with my mate Amin, but it seemed he was determined not to answer his phone.
On the way back I stopped off at the giant Morrisons in Acton.
Some years ago I started collecting the names of shops with tacky names, which were for reasons unknown to man, mostly hairdressers. ‘Charles’N’Dye’ springs to mind.
Outside Morrisons is an Acton based florist called Act On Impulse. Sheer genius, I was thinking, while waiting for the 207 to take me home.
A woman in front of me was talking to a group of her friends very loudly.
‘I don’t think I’m a racist. People have told me I’m not a racist, but I have to say, they come over here, and then they start popping babies out, right, left and centre.’
The bus arrived at that moment, so I was not able to determine exactly which community she was so eloquently describing.

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