Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Thursday 3 September 2009

I went to Holborn
to collect some scale rules
and my jumbled thoughts

I managed to escape from the secret government bunker for an hour or two in order to make a trip to Holborn to pick up some scale rules which are vital tools in the fight against international espionage and map-nobbling.
On the way back I popped into Blackwell’s bookshop to escape the rain, and was taken by their 3 for 2 classic book offer. I’d have liked to have bought ‘The Communist Party Manifesto’ and Freud’s ‘Interpretation of Dreams’ but I was torn on the third option, and didn’t have the time to stand around pondering and dithering. I am an inveterate ponderer and ditherer. I put it down to being Libran.

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