Thursday, 3 September 2009

Sunday 30 August 2009

I went to the Celebrity sauna again today. I was hoping that no celebrities would be in evidence today, and for a while everything was quiet and uneventful. Most of the clientele looked like one of our shorter engineers, which gave the steam room the look of a cloudy bald hobbit convention.
However, some time later, who should walk in but the singer from ‘Right Said Fred’, who squatted in the TV lounge singing under his breath ‘I’m too sexy for this sauna… too sexy for this sauna… I’ll sit here in the…… corn---er!’
It all went downhill from there, so I got dressed and went to Waitrose.
This was, I imagine, a celebrity omen
The UO made us a nice pork and potato casserole, and we watched the new ‘Wuthering Heights’ with the sexy but scary Tom Hardy as Heathcliffe.

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