Monday, 11 January 2010

Sunday 10 January 2010

Exigent (n) The doorway leading to the outside toilet.

sundays still carry
a nagging scent of terror
PE on mondays.

The weather, as they say, is inclement. Not so much here in the city, although my pavement was iced up for a couple of days. Nevertheless it is cold, and outside of London the country is having a hard time of it.
Older people of course are having none of that.
‘It was much worse in 1963,’ they say. ‘I walked across the Thames!’
Apparently, most of London took the opportunity to walk across the Thames in 1963, even Tony Blair allegedly, who would have been ten years old at the time. However, the number of people who claim to have walked across the Thames would have blanketed it to the point where no ice could be seen.
Ivana Trump is now in the Big Brother House, presumably because there were no British celebrities left on the Z-list from which they pluck their contestants. Stephen Baldwin is beginning to tire me with his relentless gormless cheerfulness and his childish view of the world.
I am not sure if he was serious when he went into the diary room and suggested that Ivana Trump may ‘sleep-cougar’ him if he occupied the bed next to her, and requested to be moved. I’m hoping the sleep-cougaring involves ripping his liver out with a set of US designer nails.

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