Thursday, 14 January 2010

Wednesday 13 January 2010

Squeamish (n. adj.) An American Puritan sect who eschew all the trappings of modern life apart from calamari.

snow is nice. babies
who grow up to be killers
are nice at some point.

The snow returned today, on the day I had to go to the doctor to have my prescription renewed. Being British, we have a tendency not to organise ourselves and then to overdramatise the situation.
Admittedly, things are pretty serious in rural areas and many people are isolated by the weather, but in London, most of us will admit that the snow isn’t an enormous problem.
It would appear that stocks of rocksalt and grit have been exhausted, so councils have not been able to grit all the roads.
I crept out and tiptoed tentatively to the doctor’s surgery which was mostly ok, seeing as it was all on level ground, until I came to the surgery itself which has a steep path up to the front door, liberally covered with snow and ice. Not too bad going up. A little scary coming back down.
I decided that a nice hot sauna would be the antidote to such conditions and so set off for the celebrity sauna. Sadly, apart from the steam room and the coffee bar, the place was freezing. Consequently, I spent some time drinking coffee and chatting to the Philippino masseur who tried to convince me via a graphic demonsrtation which involved hoisting his tank top that one of his nipples was bigger than the other after an abortive and ill-judged foray into piercing.
I couldn’t see the difference quite honestly.
You don’t get this sort of thing in CaffĂ© Nero…. sadly.

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