Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tuesday 12 January 2010

Brandish (n) a ceramic bowl from which one would eat milked oat flakes.

the mornings washed out
like a vest wrung to its death
hanging damp and grey.

Not having been out very much my life is revolving around TV and life in the secret underground bunker, both of which tend to be surreal, fascinating and tedious in equal measure.
In ‘Days of Our Lives’ Abe Carver, the oldest policeman in America, has been gunned down on his own doorstep while his wife and friends were waiting for him to turn up for his son’s christening at the church.
Even though it was within walking distance, and people were getting frantic (including Celeste, who regularly has spooky psychic visions of doom) no one thought to go to the house to see what was keeping him. Had they done so they would then have found him lying in the front garden in a pool of geriatric blood, with a tumbled zimmer frame beside him.

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