Friday, 15 January 2010

Thursday 14 January 2010

Mullion (n) A stud mullet, used for breeding purposes on fish farms

someone has made me
the lead in a crime novel.
I am fictional.

I haven’t ranted about religion in quite a while. I didn’t want to make a comical point about the Pope being knocked to the ground, as that is akin to those terrible American blooper shows where they feel they have to add sound effects to the clips to make it funnier. I will therefore let the incident stand on its own comical merits.
What has been annoying me of late is his Holiness Stephen Baldwin, who obviously feels he is God’s emissary to the Big Brother House and last night succeeded in convincing Alex Reid to publicly accept Jesus as his Lord and Master.
Far from decrying this act, I am glad it has been shown, since it shows all too graphically how fundamentalist Christians groom their victims. Sadly, the stupider the victim, the easier the process appears to be, and when it comes to poor Alex, he’s not exactly the brightest himbo in the house.
I just hope Vinnie Jones can bring him to his senses before he gets baptised in the Big Brother bathtub.

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