Monday, 8 December 2008

Monday 1 December 2008

The Ugly One and I trotted up the West End this evening to see Bill Bailey in his ‘Tinselworm’ tour. We found our way without incident or assistance to the stalls, but then were foxed as our tickets read 013 and 014 respectively, with no clue as to what row we were in. I accosted a lady laden down with programmes who merely said ‘Follow me’ in a rather imperious tone. She led us half way up the rows and then pointed. It was row ‘O’, between row ‘N’ and row ‘P’.
‘Oh!’ I said.
‘Yes,’ she replied. ‘O!’.
Bill Bailey restores my faith in human atheism. He told us that he recently, to his credit, refused to be a godfather In a Catholic christening because he would have to publicly ‘renounce Satan and all his works’ and felt he couldn’t get through the line without collapsing in fits of hysterical laughter.
The UO has various strange talents, one of which being the loudest laugher in the world, and is inclined to shout things out in Theatres.
‘I’m from West London,’ says Bill, ‘Are there any Westies in?’ at which The UO shouted ‘Yes! Shepherds Bush!’ and engaged in some audience participation for a few minutes.
It was a marvellous evening. You can never go wrong with Bill Bailey. It’s always a surreal and titillating rollercoaster of philosophy, politics, rock and science fiction, all stitched together with impeccable wit and amazing musical virtuoso moments.

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