Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Thursday 27 November 2008

Our Christmas meat arrived today which the Ugly One had ordered from Scotland. He went a bit mad, and as well as ordering a bit of lamb for the actual day we had a selection of chopped up game birds (pheasant, partridge and pigeon) and some Red Deer medallions. It was frozen and packed in dry ice, which unfortunately had mostly evaporated by the time I had got home, as I wanted to put a lump in my vodka and coke and lounge on my sofa like a vampire siren. Well, one can dream.
We then caught up with Apparitions in which Martin Shaw battles Satan on a weekly basis. This week he was on the trail of a female demon possessing a rapist who may also have been simultaneously possessed by a saint. I got a little confused, but at least Father Shaw got to exorcise the rapist before he died.

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