Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Saturday 27 December 2008

is my bag for life
a sound fiscal investment?
too optimistic?

There’s only so much of sitting about drinking Baileys and eating pies and chocolate that I can put up with, so I went out for some post-prandial fresh air and to do some shopping.
Sadly I forgot to check if Jeremy Clarkson was still sporting his Hitler moustache at Goldhawk Road Tube station. I’m hoping so.
I bought a packet of chicken biryani mix, since I often buy things like this in case I am stuck for something to cook one day, and they usually sit in the cupboard for the next two years. On the front of the box it said, in English, ‘Urdu recipe on the inside of the box’.
Exactly! That’s what I thought.
This evening I cooked my world famous Kung Po Chicken, although I suspect I overdid the chillies.
Sent a text to Russell Crowe reminding him that he still has our slo-cooker, and that we want it back, in this world rather than the next.

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