Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Wednesday 26 November 2008

So, I was in the kitchen, rustling up some culinary disaster, or maybe washing up... it could have been either, when up popped Jeremy Paxman with ‘The Moral Maze’, who this week were discussing the BNP membership list, which had been leaked onto t’internet by a disgruntled ex-member who though that the party was getting too mamdy-pamdy and not hanging enough black people.
One of the guests was a BNP Press Officer who, much to my immense satisfaction, did his party no favours at all, since he talked over everyone else on the programme and ranted at length without really saying anything very solid. We did get the fact that BNP manifesto aims to promote rights for ‘the indigenous races of Britain’.
I was under the impression that the only indigenous races left in Britain were small bits of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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