Friday, 19 December 2008

Tuesday 16 December 2008

on days of our lives
the child with the brand new head
makes me yearn for guns

I took a day off today to catch up with some writing, and, of course ‘Days of Our Lives’ which I sometimes just leaving running like background music. Those people new to this soap will be baffled by the complex and tangled family tree, and would be well advised not to climb its interlinked branches until you’re a bit more familiar with the characters. Bo Brady, for instance, is actually the son of Victor Kiriakis, and therefore, Philip’s brother and Brady Black’s uncle, and likely to become the stepson of Nicole Walker when and if she marries Victor , who is also Jennifer Aniston’s father, but in real life, not in the show.
The new Will (the son of Sammy Brady, who is the child of Roman Brady when he used to be married to Marlena, who is now married to John Black. His father is Lucas, son of Kate Roberts, who used to married to Victor, who is Bo Brady’s father) is beginning to grate on me since he is one of those child actors who believe that fame is dependent on vocal volume.
It’s a shame young Will didn’t encounter a friendly lion or leopard while out in the wilds of Africa, or at least some predator that stole his vocal cords.
Meanwhile, it has been discovered that the government has a secret laboratory in the basement of Salem hospital, where the cheerfully named Agent Spectre is holding a set of genetically engineered twins who fell from space during a meteor shower.
I kid you not.

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