Monday, 30 April 2007

Friday 27 April 2007

he did the mash did
bobby boris pickett and
not with sausages.

RIP Bobby Boris Pickett, died 25 April 2007

The Ugly One and I were invited over to our friend Robert’s house for dinner in Shepherds Bush.
The journey was a bit of a nightmare as it involved two bus rides. Both buses seemed full of lunatics, added to which we had left our phones at home and were both a bit hazy about where Robert actually lived, since we hadn’t been there for some time.
I felt we must have been going in the right direction when we passed a building, over the door of which was the inscription ‘And The Holy Ghost Shall Come Upon Thee’.
The dinner was lovely but I made the mistake of drinking champagne and following my dessert headed for the toilet where I was violently sick.
Some time afterwards (this was after the very long discussion of the merits or otherwise of ‘Deep Space Nine’) I must have passed out, as the next thing I recall is waking up with the UO, crammed into Robert’s single bed. Robert, bless him, was fast asleep on the sofa.
I am always bemused by Robert’s bookshelf, as I suspect he has a habit of grabbing books with a nice-looking spine in charity shops and just lining them up on the shelf.
I found a disturbing volume of Christian affirmative poetry, and a copy of ‘Waiting For Godot’ some of which I read while sitting on the toilet and waiting for everyone else to wake up. I felt at that moment that I suddenly understood Beckett and his analysis of the bleakness of the human condition, particularly as I had just noticed how much toilet paper was left on the roll.
There was also a copy of ‘How To Be a Happy Homosexual’, which I know for a fact has been on that shelf for at least twenty-five years. He really ought to chuck it out as if it hasn’t worked yet, it’s not going to now.

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