Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Tuesday 10 April 2007

no more life on mars.
the bbc giveth it
and take it away.

The Ugly One made a lovely chicken curry this evening, for which I had to cook basmati rice. My way of cooking basmati rice is to use 250g of rice to 450ml of water. I chuck them into a pan, bring it to a boil, stir once, cover, lower the heat to a simmer and leave for twelve minutes. Do not fiddle with it during the twelve minute process. Then, switch off the heat and leave for six minutes. It always comes out perfick.
I’m detailing this here just in case I forget how to do it at some future point. I used to cook a really nice dish called ‘Chicken in Cider’ and, having not cooked it for so long, I’m buggered if I can remember how to do it now. Perhaps I should go for regression therapy in order to recall the details, but knowing me I’ll go off into a past life and come back with a recipe for fouillette of braised otter.
Talking of ancient things, ‘Holby City’ has been with us so long now that I can’t remember when it started. I don’t suppose it will ever end as it’s the only place for soap stars to go once they have died (or gone to Leicester, in the case of Eastenders). They’ve got robots in it now doing virtual-waldo operations on British people, while being controlled by an annoying surgeon in Cincinatti. I can’t see them coming to terms with that in the Wrexham Maelor.
Our new TV was supposed to have arrived tomorrow, but the company have e-mailed us to say that they’re waiting for stock to come in.
‘Life on Mars’, BBC 1’s brilliant and stylish series, bowed out this evening after two seasons. Fans, obviously, are up in arms but I am impressed that the makers have chosen to draw a line under Sam Tyler and his coma/time travelling adventures. It’s been a quality product throughout, due in no small part to brilliant casting. Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) deserves a BAFTA at the very least.

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