Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Saturday 14 April 2007

sun on the bookies
like it’s been blessed. we bet smiles.
got very good odds.

On the radio this morning it was suggested that Johnny Cash’s house committed suicide rather than have to suffer being lived in by a BeeGee.
On a rather more serious note, through tragically comic in its own way, there was also a very disturbing report about a Creation Science Museum being set up by a group called Answers in Genesis, who now seem to be peddling a theory that Noah took dinosaurs on to the Ark.

“Much of the Creation Museum in Kentucky is still under construction and we were not able to go on to see the section through Noah's Ark or the model of the Grand Canyon.
Instead, we visited the real thing - the Canyon, not the Ark! Grand Canyon park guides will tell you that the canyon took more than a million years to form and cuts through rocks that span more than a billion years.
Not so, say "Young Earth" creationists. All those rocks were deposited by flood waters at the time of Noah.
Though the Bible does not mention them directly, Ken Ham thinks there is no reason to suppose that dinosaurs were not still around at the time of the flood.
Indeed, he speculates that two of each may have been taken aboard the Ark (newly hatched dinosaurs are quite small so fitting them in would not have been a problem).
And what about the animals from other continents? Did Noah sail to Australia to drop off the kangaroos?
No, the flood waters lubricated a process called runaway subduction in which the continents subsequently drifted apart at a sprint!” (Martin Redfern – BBC News)

Really, these people should be stopped. This nonsense is being taught to children as fact, and accredited scientific research is being dismissed. Apparently, 40% of Americans agree with Mr Ham, which, regrettably, confirms my opinions about Americans.
Talking of dumb beasts, I bought two sweepstake tickets yesterday for the Grand National. Sadly, my horses were given odds of 100-1 and 150-1, so I didn’t hold out much hope of winning. I was proved correct. However, it was a lovely day and I spent it wandering the streets, which culminated in me having a large cappuccino in the betting shop café. Betting shop catering has got very posh since the days of a coffee machine and a plastic cup. Nowadays you have a vast choice of lattes, frappes, skinny long decaff flavoured witches’ brews of all combinations known to man.I’ll stick to my cappuccino. I know where I am with that.

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