Thursday, 26 April 2007

Sunday 22 April 2007

twenty-four’s jack bauer
battered, shot, tortured and maimed,
his face still pristine

The A-Z of Rationalism

D is for Dinosaur (n.) Generic term for large reptiles which became extinct some 65 million years ago, and not, as many deluded people believe, within the last six thousand years.

I had a happy day at home, during which I did little but ponder the big questions in life such as; What function does a tie serve? Who actually responds to junk e-mail? Why is anyone actually interested in what Paris Hilton says or does? I can’t say I came to any positive conclusions aprt from the answer to question two which is ‘idiots’ but now and again it is good to give oneself the chance to address the issues.

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