Friday, 20 April 2007

Thursday 19 April 2007

if god existed
he would have mentioned something.
he didn’t, therefore...

The A-Z of Rationalism

A is for Atheism. (n.) belief that no God or gods exist(s)

I left work early to get up to Blackfriars and book tickets for the Gilbert and George exhibition at the Tate Modern next week. I’d tried to book them online, but the process was tortuous, and my work pc kept crashing. When I got there, following a journey on the Victoria Line which lasted longer than a day with Howard from the Halifax, there was a very nice man sitting behind the ticket desk who told me that the ticket desk was closed.
‘You can book online,’ he said. I remained diplomatically mute. ‘Or you can just ring up.’
They didn’t tell me that on the website, and I was too polite to point out that he was, technically, sitting there behind the ticket desk and could have sold me the two tickets there and then.
So, I made my way home. Just as I got to the corner of my street I saw Edgar, the big tabby cat who lives somewhere in our street. I call him Edgar. I have no idea what he calls himself or what anybody else calls him. He usually rubs himself around my legs and meows loudly, which is usually a sign of good character in a cat.
Tonight however, he did not mewl as he was hurrying across the street, clutching in his jaws the body of a dead squirrel. I imagine Edgar’s owners will not be amused to see that coming through the catflap.
I was gratified to discover the UO had bought us Cornish pasties for dinner from Marks & Spencer. He’d also bought two packets of crumpets as M&S were doing a 2 for 1 thing. Unfortunately I had also bought crumpets and some butter, so we are now awash with crumpet, which, strangely enough, sounds like a good title for a music hall song.

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