Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Tuesday 3 April 2007

man in the toilet
with black eye. where do you work?
i bet it’s finance.

I work in a Secret Government Highways Utility somewhere below Brixton Tube Station. The details of my job are classified, and many of my colleagues are, or have been, sectioned. Therefore I cannot reveal any aspects of my work under the provision of the Official Secrets and Mental Health acts, which is a bit of shame, as life here is a hoot. However, should any carriageway-related state secrets of national interest come my way, you can read about them here first.
Last night, the Ugly One and I watched ‘Coronation Street’, and the outcome of Tracy Barlow’s incredibly short murder trial. I realise that court time is precious, but a murder case surely lasts longer than a week. The OJ Simpson thing went on longer than ‘Last of The Summer Wine’ (and had more jokes).
Anyway, we cheered as Tracy was sentenced to fifteen years on several counts of murder of a decent script, criminal acting, flagrant gap-toothery and lipstick abuse.Tracy, as we all know, is the mother of Amy, the reincarnation of Mexican moustachioed and mono-browed artist Frida Kahlo, as was proven by tiny mono-browed Amy (who will surely soon change her name to Frida Barlow) who last night drew a picture of an angel for Betty Turpin. Awwwww! At least, Betty thought it was an angel. I suspect it was a self portrait of Frida with a monkey looking over her shoulder.

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