Friday, 20 April 2007

Wednesday 18 April 2007

the trees opened their
green eyes, but when I wasn’t
looking. i’m surprised

Visitors to London should be aware that London Underground’s Victoria Line is named after Victoria Beckham, as it is a little slow.
I was half an hour late for work today, so late, in fact that I did not pick up my coffee and sandwich, which, being part of my obsessive compulsive routine, upset my day.
Fitzroy at work, bless him, (I suspect that a new tube line will be named after him any day now) offered me a sandwich which was surplus to requirements at a meeting, which I gratefully accepted; chicken , stuffing and mayo.
It gave me indigestion though, which didn’t help my mood. It was nice to get home and find out that the Ugly One had bought chicken kievs.

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