Saturday, 3 May 2008

Friday 2 May 2008

boris johnson? no.
it’s matt lucas in a wig.
really? he is real?

It appears we have a new mayor. Boris Johnson, the Matt Lucas of the political world, has taken over from Red Ken, whose failure to satisfactorily disassociate himself from the recent corruption allegations against one of his advisors was no doubt a large factor in his loss.
Boris concerns me though. Interviewed recently regarding his plans to reintroduce Routemaster buses with conductors, he was shown to have no clue as to the design of the proposed buses and very little idea of the ultimate cost. I suspect that London will regret its decision.
‘Days of Our Lives’ has fallen into one of its regular slow periods (or maybe that should be ‘slower’ periods) when nothing much happens apart from people sitting round talking about how they feel about what’s not happening.
Exciting news of the week is that John Black has hired a new PA, and Sami’s son Will (who bears a striking resemblance to The Grinch) is demanding that he go to see his daddy in a coma. Of course, Lucas is the character currently in a coma. Comas are handy things in DOOL, since they allow an actor to go off, do other things, think about his tenuous position in the show as, lets face it, they could live, die or just never wake up.
Ken and Barb are pursuing their case against The Bradys, who have brought up Ken’s baby as their own, due to Stefano Dimera having switched the babies in the hospital for reasons which have never been entirely clear, but create good drama anyway.
Ken is seldom seen in a shirt, which is a good thing since his chest and abs are far more emotional and expressive than his face is.
Elsewhere, the battle for the Permalash mascara formula has begun. It will be nasty and bloody. Foundation may be seriously smudged.

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