Friday, 2 May 2008

Thursday 1 May 2008

tube trains groaning in
bulged with jampacked commuters
all going somewhere

maybe it’s to vote
for a new fat shiny mayor,
or maybe just home

People find my blog through many strange and nefarious routes. For the record, I neither know nor care what the theme tune is to Katie & Peter, The Next Chapter. I only want to read The Last Chapter in the vain hope that it involves execution, removal of tongues and physical dismemberment.
Nevertheless, someone is typing this question into a search engine and ending up here, a strange place to be for someone looking for references to Katie Price and Peter Andre, since, in total contrast to the Duke and Duchess of Dull, I can actually write, have a modicum of talent and would never name my child after an Italian Dessert. No money though, sadly, but then, that’s the way of the world.
As it says in the Bible (I think) ‘The Freaks will inherit The Earth’
Talking of which Raef Bjayou is very popular too. Many people come to this blog searching for the ice-cream-haired Toff from The Apprentice. Sadly, I still have not discovered in what circumstances he has ‘faced death in the face many times.’
Maybe he used to sit across the desk from Jenny Jinger.
If anyone knows the answer, please let me know.
Talking of The Apprentice, the only thing better than watching the Apprentice is watching The Lego Apprentice. See Lego Lindy being fired by Lego Sir Alan;

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