Friday, 23 May 2008

Thursday 22 May 2008

a hundred spiders
exploding from sunlit web
lift off on a breeze

Nothing much happened today. Even the religious lunatics were conspicuous by their absence. I left the house and was greeted by the sight of a whole clutch of spiders – newly born – spreading across a cobweb in the gate and being blown off on strands of web hither and thither.
I was waiting for someone to upset me, but no one did.
‘Days of Our Lives’ plods wearily along. They don’t half drag out their storylines. I am getting weary of the Chloe Lane/Philip Wet-Lettuce on/off relationship, although John Black and his independently mobile eyebrows livened the pace a little this week when he barged his way into the Dimera mansion, tied up Lexy Carver, knocked out Evil Rolf with a kung-fu kick and shouted at Ilyana the maid so forcefully that she was pinned to an armchair for two whole scenes.
Then, he took a DNA sample from baby Isaac, who is actually baby JT, and may or may not be the son of John Black. He may be the son of Stefano Dimera, but it’s very likely that he is the son of Hope, the wife of Bo Brady.
Jack Devereaux is still pretending to be gay, although Jennifer, his ex-wife, will not believe it. This is surprising, as, without meaning to be rude, Jack is camper than the upstairs in Milletts.

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