Thursday, 8 May 2008

Tuesday 6 May 2008

the fat man squatting
wanted to fill the entire
piccadilly line.

Young JT on ‘Days of Our Lives’ should really be taken into care for his own good. Currently he is in a tug-of-love battle between the Bradys and the trailer-trash bimbos Ken and Barb. Ken is JT’s real father. His mother Marlo was murdered by evil Rolf (who subsequently dressed up in drag to dump the body in a swamp). Soap bodies never remain undiscovered for long and the decomposing Marlo popped up through the ice while the young folk were out carousing.
Young JT was swapped at birth in the hospital and Hope Brady’s real child is in the care of Abe and Lexy Carver. Abe is the oldest policeman in the world – and, one might suspect, the most inept, since he has not yet cottoned on to the fact that his wife is embroiled in a tangled web of deceit and kidnapping.
Sean Brady, who until now has believed he is JT’s brother, has hit on a cunning plan and kidnapped his brother in order that he can teach him to say ‘I won’t go!’ when the child appears in court for the custody hearing. As plans go, well, it’s rubbish isn’t it?
Until now it has been believed that the father of Hope Brady’s child was John Black (or possibly one or both of his sentient and quasi-independent eyebrows) but now John suspects that the father could be evil badger-bearded mastermind Stefano Dimera.
Take the child into care. He shouldn’t be growing up with all that baggage to deal with.

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