Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Sunday 11 May 2008

lush vegetation
arrives suddenly, like piles
or angry neighbours.

Coronation Street, I have to say (in the manner of Sir Sid James) with regret, has become very depressing of late. It would seem that Liam Connor, although married to the very nice Maria, is still in love with Carla, the raven-haired boot with a voice like a bag of scratchings and the worst wallpaper in the world. (Someone please tell her that vibrant flock wallpaper is only employed as an ironic statement in the loft apartments of rich gay Manchester men)
Lately she’s been having a fling with Mad Eye Moody, the Scots businessman who is so camp one might have suspected he’d sneaked into her flat and put the wallpaper up.
However, now that Maria has lost both Liam’s baby and her marbles, our Liam may fall for Carla’s charms – whatever they may be.
Meanwhile, Audrey has met up with Gail’s blissfully ignorant father, Ted Paige, to tell him that he is not only a father, but a grandfather and a great-grandfather.
She’s leaving it a while before bringing up his daughter’s string of marriages (the murdered one, the gormless one and the serial killer) the teenage pregnancy and the grandson’s current imprisonment in the Weatherfield Penitentiary for Bad Lads.

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