Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Friday 6 June 2008

if i were alone
i would sleep through each day
and walk through the night.

I should, as this is an atheist-based journal after all, attempt to inject some philosophical debate into the topical proceedings which actually, although we are discussing Big Brother, is not difficult.
Upon entry to the Big Brother House, the candidates have to say something profound about themselves, and without naming names we’ll go through a few of the statements.
One young lady it appears, believes in Islam, but is giving it a rest for a while.
Another young lady is a devout Christian, is against smoking and abortion, but if she could change one law would keep nightclubs open twenty-four hours.
And there’s the young man who is a muslim, but drinks alcohol, eats pork and has sex without being married.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I would have thought that religion was, in the main (although historically merely a device to provide some social coherence in primitive times) a structure of moral values. Today, sadly, it seems to have devolved into belief into a particularly pernicious form of supernatural mumbo-jumbo, where the existence of gods, angels, heaven, evil spirits, demons and even vampires (trust me, there are people I know who are convinced that the undead live among us) has become a far more important part of the faith than a set of rather sensible social principles.
What is morally right seems very confusing to the Big Brother housemates. It is terribly wrong (according to Sylvia and Alexandra) for a man to pull a pair of knickers – which someone had stupidly left lying on the floor in the bathroom – on over his pants, but fine apparently to berate the (actually blind) man for this heinous crime and, the next day, encourage other housemates to strip naked and romp around in the pool.

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