Thursday, 19 June 2008

Thursday 19 June 2008

i must go to sleep
before the songs start looping
over and over

I posted the following on the Big Brother General Forum. It was removed within minutes, but not before having received at least ten positive responses.

‘In a shock move, Big Brother Bosses removed Zezi Ifore from the BBLB House late last night following repeated warnings over unacceptable and repeated bad presenting.
At approximately 8 pm 'The Gormless Shoe Tree' as she has become fondly known to both her fans, was called in to the BBLB Diary Room, specially fitted with a pretty coloured mobile in order to help her concentrate.
While the charges were explained to her (very slowly) which included 'Wearing a loud frock in a built-up area' and 'General Annoyance' Zezi talked over the conversation and stared into the camera, occasionally shouting 'Me! Me! Me!' and demanding packets of Love Hearts.
It was explained to Zezi that she had intimidated thousands of viewers with her threats to 'see you on the next show'.

In order to improve the quality of BBLB presenting it is rumoured that Ms Ifore will be replaced by a loaf of Warburtons Toastie.’

I am concerned at the very least at the common sense of those moderating the forums, and at worst with their complicity in what is a sinister repression of the views of fans. It is not just me whose posts have been deleted. Other people have told me they have posted criticisms of Ms Ifore and their posts have been indiscriminately removed. So vociferous has the reaction been to this presenter that she was questioned about the adverse reaction on the forums in this week’s Metro. Since then, mention of Ms Ifore has been curiously absent, and one now realises why since any criticism is ruthlessly censored as soon as it is posted.
I am told that BBLB have nothing to do with the forum moderation and that Channel 4 hire a third party company to run it, although the forum guidelines (somewhat vague) suggest that the moderators do have a Channel 4 representative as part of the team.There’s a very nasty smell about all of this.

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