Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Monday 23 June 2008

i am disrupted
and the things i want to do
are still in my head

My chicken patties are just as good cold as hot. I ate half of one before I went to work.
Big Brother is becoming interesting in that it is turning into what it should be, a bizarre and surreal psychological experiment. As soon as one raving nutter leaves, it appears that another emerges to take her place. Sylvia, who has been in Alexandria’s shadow until now, has blossomed into a full scale Barking Madwoman since the evil one’s departure. This may have been triggered by the entry into the house of Stuart, a Northern Property Developer and Personal Trainer. I sniff disdainfully at this job title and file it in the same place as ‘Toy Demonstrator’ which is Mohammed’s job, apparently.
Stuart is very fit and seems to possess the power of indelible eyeliner. Sylvia was over him like a rat in a KFC bin.
I foretell that only Doom will come from this.

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