Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sunday 8 June 2008

i made some patties
and dark spice chicken curry,
then was not hungry.

I spent a very nice day today cooking (Y Pattio Tan Cymraeg and Chicken and Kashew Curry with Dark Spices) and listening to Radio 4 in the kitchen. This is very relaxing, although I’ve never been a fan of the gloomy serials they tend to chuck in round about three o’clock, which usually seem to involve people having a bad life in the Nineteenth Century and at least one death from consumption.
There was a very interesting documentary on though, once Gardeners’ Question Time had finished. I don’t actually have a garden, but it’s nice to pretend that I have in order that I can listen to the comforting voice and advice of the aptly and marvellously named Bob Flowerdew. The documentary was about Hovis Presley, a man of whom, until now, I had never heard. I do wish I had, since Hovis was a very funny man, with a seemingly worldwide fan base and yet no real urge to be famous. I find it ironic that there are so many talented people who could be famous, when many of the famous slots are taken up by people whose talent is often very hard to detect, like a neutrino, or a quark. Apropos of which, I found it a very adventurous move on the part of Big Brother this year not to confine the brainless bimbos solely to The House. For reasons of its own Channel 4 has decided to employ one of them as a presenter on Big Brother’s Little Brother.
This is of course, the ghastly Zezi, whose lack of personality, presence and style is matched only by the complete absence of a sense of humour.
In fact, her incompetence is so blindingly public and embarrassing that one feels compelled to watch, much in the fashion, I would imagine, of revolutionary French folk gathered around a guillotine.
How Channel 4 considered this waste of (if we’re honest, rather a lot of) space to be a suitable replacement for Dermot O’Leary is baffling. I suspect it can only be some subtle post-modern ironic joke.
Come on, Channel 4, the joke’s over. Really, it is. It wasn’t that funny either. Can we send her back to KFC now? There’s fries need selling.

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