Friday, 13 June 2008

Monday 9 June 2008

the heat has returned.
builders tear off their check shirts.
tarmac swoons and melts.

We should really think about archetypes more. I’m sure Channel 4, or at least Endemol, are thinking about them all the time.
We’ve discussed the Goddess Shabaz, who has been reincarnated as Dennis, the gay Scottish Chucky.
Now we must consider the phenomenon of The Strange Adult Child, whose archetype has been reborn within Big Brother many times. There was Nicky, famously, who did everything bar sing ‘I’ve Written a Letter to Daddy’ to try and persuade us she was actually seven years old, and the reincarnation of Violet Elizabeth Bott. Then we had the screaming twins from Big Brother 8, and this year we have Kat, the giant Thai adult child who loves nothing better than screaming ‘CoooooooKeeeeeeee!’ whenever the need arises.
I have to say I like her. My favourite line from her is ‘I learned a new word today, Big Brother. It is spelt C-R-O-T-C-H and it means ‘Boy Sausage’’.

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